Be Better: Training tips from Sanford POWER and Dusty Coleman



Pro baseball player Dusty Coleman and Sanford POWER are teaming up to offer ongoing insight and education into athletic performance over a variety of topics:

What sort of recovery techniques do you find to be helpful?


“Recovery is a very important part of my routine because if I don’t focus on helping my body recover I cannot sustain good performance over the long baseball season. I have found over my career that form rolling prior to activity and stretching after every game/workout helps me to feel better the next day. Also, I think it is essential to drink lots of water before and after a game. Depending on the equipment in the training rooms that I am in I like to do contrast hot/cold tub, cupping, massages, and Normatec (compression system). “


Proper recovery techniques for athletes are a key component to reducing fatigue and enhancing performance.  Each athlete needs to find those individualized recovery techniques that help them to feel better leading up to, and after workouts and competitions.  These include proper hydration and nutrition every day, self-myofascial release techniques (ie: foam rolling), mobility and stretching exercises, contrast hot/cold hydrotherapy, massage, rest and adequate sleep each night.  Each athlete needs to find the specific combination of these that work best for them and provide a competitive advantage by improving performance, minimizing muscle soreness and reducing the chance for injury.