Be better: Training tips from Sanford POWER and Amy Olson



Pro golfer Amy Olson and Sanford POWER are teaming up to offer ongoing insight and education into athletic performance over a variety of topics:

As a golfer, what role does strength, power and mobility training play in keeping you healthy?


“Professional golfers have the longest season of any sport. The LPGA begins in January and wraps up in November. Over-use injuries are a real threat for most golfers, and most of those injuries are preventable. Strength training is vital for that. For example, building up muscles like my forearms and wrists make it less likely that I will have soreness toward the end of the season. Conditions aren’t always ideal – whether I’m going straight from the airplane to the practice tee or trying to make a full shoulder turn in 40-degree weather. It’s important to have a solid foundation of strength and mobility to prevent injuries and stay healthy.”


Strength provides the foundation for the majority of all explosive athletic movements in most sports. Strength is absolutely vital for athletes to produce power, which is the most desired athletic trait in sport performance. Not only does strength training provide a foundation for power development, it also creates adaptations within the muscular tendon unit and bone structure. That enables the body to handle the stresses experienced in athletics. POWER focuses on developing functional human movement, adding strength and stability and increasing power.