Grayden Stone

Power Bismarck May Athlete of the Month

School: Bismarck High School

Sport(s): Hockey


  • Knowledge and background of trainers
  • Competition of the group on a day-to-day basis
  • The effectiveness of the training related to the sports
  • POWER results from hard work!

Lauryn Andre

Power Bismarck April Athlete of the Month

School: Bismarck High School

Sports: Volleyball, Tennis

Programs: D2


  • Going to nationals for tennis
  • PR’d in bench at 155
  • Loves the atmosphere of the gym and coaches
  • Enjoys having bigger biceps than the guys in her class
  • Volleyball team took 2nd at State

Alex Brousseau

Power Bismarck March Athlete of the Month

School: Legacy High School

Sport(s): Football and track

Program(s): D2


  • Seeing improvement from pre-test to post-test
  • Like the environment with all the other athletes
  • Likes the coaching staff
  • NDSU track and field commit