The physical therapists at Sanford POWER are committed to getting you back to an active lifestyle following a sports related injury, trauma, surgery, or overuse. Our team is made up of experienced, board and sport certified physical therapists that are passionate about working with athletes from the initial injury to the integration of a sport-specific exercise program.

The state-of-the-art facilities allow patients to physically perform the appropriate activities or techniques to help determine if they are ready to return to performance, or if further supervision and training is required.


  • Outpatient physical therapy
  • Unweighting technology with the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill
  • ASTYM treatment
  • Biomechanical evaluation via high-speed video analysis
  • Brace fitting
  • Throwers program
  • Return to play testing
  • Return to performance program
  • Runner’s clinic
  • Golf Performance Clinic and Blood Flow Restriction therapy


ASTYM is a therapy approach that addresses problems such as scarring, fibrosis, and degeneration that occur in soft tissues. These problems may develop as the result of trauma, surgery, or overuse. ASTYM is effective for new injuries as well as chronic, nagging conditions. ASTYM treatment uses instruments along the surface of the skin to locate these problem areas and start the body’s healing process. As the body heals, exercise and activity help guide the healing which allows you to return to activities without pain and limitation. The success of ASTYM is documented for a wide variety of diagnoses and many times it helps patients where other treatments have failed.

ASTYM treatment is used in settings ranging from therapy clinics to hospitals to industrial rehabilitation. This proven treatment improves countless lives every day.

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