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July 4
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Athlete development training

Monday – Friday – Year round

Location:  POWER Training Center

Throughout the year we work with athletes to condition and prepare for numerous sports including football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, track and field, golf, swimming, hockey, tennis, dance, gymnastics, rodeo and many others. Sanford POWER provides the most comprehensive athlete training programs in the region. Our job is to help you maximize your athletic potential.

Adult group fitness

Monday – Friday – Year Round

Location:  POWER Training Center

These sessions model our athlete training but are more appropriate for non-competitive athletes looking to improve their general fitness levels through strength training, high intensity interval training, and aerobic conditioning. Workouts take place in a positive and energetic group setting. Call anytime to schedule 1 free workout.

Athlete Development Training

Oct 4th –Oct. 27th—Bismarck Blizzard Hockey Training Starts
Oct. 3rd-Nov. 11th—Hockey Training Camp Continues
Oct. 3rd-Nov. 18th—Basketball Training Camp Continues
Oct. 3rd-Nov. 18th—Wrestling Training Camp Continues
Oct. 3rd-Mar. 17th—Track and Field Speed and Strength Camp
Oct. 3rd-End of School Year— Development 1 (<12 years) Group Trains @ 4pm, 2x/week
Oct. 3rd-End of School Year—Development 2 (>12 years) Group Trains 1,2,3 &5pm, 2-5x/week
Oct. 3rd-End of School Year—In Season Athlete Training

Other Training Options

Personal Training
Soccer Foot Skills
Baseball Academy
Pitching Sessions