Be better: Training tips from Carson Wentz and Sanford POWER



Pro quarterback Carson Wentz and Sanford POWER are teaming up to offer ongoing insight and education into athletic performance over a variety of topics:

The importance of pre- and post-training nutrition:


“Nutrition is a huge part of being able to play and perform at your best. It’s something I didn’t necessarily take seriously when I was younger like I should have. I was always just eating whatever, and you can get away with it when you’re working out. But I’ve really noticed it as of late – when I do make sure I’m eating healthy and nutritious meals before I work out and then really after I work out. You can go work out and then go eat a terrible meal and you almost defeat the purpose of the workout. The meal before a game is a big part of how I can perform at my best.”  


Proper nutrition and hydration plays a critical role in the success of an athlete on and off the field. Often, younger athletes are lured to the newest pre-workout supplement or mass-gaining protein product. Athletes should first focus on making sure they are consuming a well-balanced diet consisting of colorful fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. In addition to a healthy diet, athletes should focus on making sure they are unplugging from modern-day electronics and getting enough uninterrupted sleep. Focusing first on a well-balanced diet, sleep and hydration from a young age can significantly improve athletic performance.
For more information and assistance on proper pre- and post-training nutrition please contact Lizzie Kasparek, Sanford Sports Institute Dietitian at (605) 312-7878.