Be better: Training tips from Zach Zenner and Sanford POWER



Pro running back Zach Zenner and Sanford POWER are teaming up to offer ongoing insight and education into athletic performance over a variety of topics:

What exercises do you do at home or on the road when you don’t have access to a traditional gym?

Zach Zenner

“I do a lot of yoga and stretching at home, and also recovery like foam rolling and rolling with a softball – things like that. Those recovery things are things that anyone can do.”

Sanford POWER

Performing body-weight or band-resistance exercises is a great introduction to strength training for athletes of any age. This requires little to no equipment, and can be performed at home. It’s a great way to teach the foundational movement patterns that will be used as athletes transition into a weight-room setting and begin to add higher external loads. Body weight or band-resistance exercises to incorporate include: Variations of squats, lunges, push-ups, presses, pull-ups, rows, bear crawls, planks, anti-rotational and jumps.


Being an athlete, you get advice from a lot of different sources. How do you know what to trust?


“I’ve had to find my way through that by figuring out what works best for me, and executing it. Trying different types of things during the off-season, or trying trial runs are always a help. Not everything is for everyone.”  


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