Movement retraining key for middle school athletes

By Jenny Dalland, MA, ATC

Movement retraining programs have been shown to reduce knee injuries in athletes. Sanford Health understands the importance of these programs and our sports medicine professionals have developed their own specific knee injury prevention program.

Dalland_Jennifer_WEB160x200The Sanford Knee Injury Prevention Program is a dynamic warm-up that better prepares an athlete’s muscles and joints for sport-specific exercises. This program includes dynamic stretching, hip activation exercises, movement re-education, lower extremity strengthening, plyometrics and agility training.

Recent research has concluded that movement retraining programs have been found to be even more effective in pre-adolescent athletes, possibly because younger athletes are better able to adapt to new movement patterns.

At Sanford Health, our sports medicine professionals worked closely with Sanford POWER to integrate the Sanford Knee Injury Prevention Program into a program specifically for our middle school athletes. The Sanford Power Middle School Program reflects the latest research identifying the importance of a proper knee injury prevention program, especially with younger athletes. This program is specifically designed to help young athletes master basic movement skills, increase their strength, speed and agility, as well as reduce their risk of injury.

Our sports medicine experts also have the ability to break down and analyze risky movement patterns with advanced motion capture technology. This is done before and after the athlete completes the Sanford Knee Injury Prevention Program to help provide snapshots of his or her movement.

Analyzing how an athlete is moving helps our experts know which interventions would be the most appropriate to help prevent future injuries. This allows the Sanford POWER team to develop comprehensive strength and conditioning programs that will keep young athletes healthy and performing at their best.