Military member seeing significant training improvements

Sanford POWER is involved in a unique project, designed to give nutrition and wellness support to two Sioux Falls men while serving abroad with the military. The basic idea: That POWER can help you reach your health goals no matter where you are.

Here’s the latest updated from one of those men, Nathan Peterson:

NathanPullupsThis week, I began my latest rotation of strength and conditioning training designed by the Sanford POWER team.  This one should last through the end of the deployment and was designed to ramp up the frequency of the strength training and intensity of the circuits/intervals.

As I begin this ‘last lap,’ I’ve taken stock in my progress thus far and noted a few illustrative examples of my progress:

  • I’ve ditched the resistance band and can now complete a full set of pullups unassisted.
  • My sprinting speed on the treadmill has gone from 9mph to 11mph.
  • Until this trip, I hadn’t done bench press with any regularity since college – and am now repping more weight than I did as a freshman.
  • Persistent knee pain used to make me dread leg day, but by warming up/stretching/strengthening properly, I have more confidence than ever when running, jumping, squatting and lunging.

While those specific examples have been interesting to track, the most encouraging result overall is that working out has gone from being a taxing chore to something fun.  I no longer struggle to complete a workout, bemoaning how out of shape I am.  Now I can finish strong and explore ways to push further the next time around.

All of this progress wouldn’t have been possible without the ongoing support that I’ve received from Scott Hettenbach and Jesse Haines at Sanford POWER.  It began with the pre-deployment prep sessions before departing Sioux Falls.  I’ve remained in touch with them virtually the entire time over here.  This online communication tool has been instrument as a way to interact while I have been overseas, allowing them to  answer my questions, provide ongoing tips and share videos to demonstrate proper form for new exercises.

The ultimate proof of my results will wait until I return home and have a chance to reassess my body composition – comparing a variety of metrics pre- and post-deployment.  Then begins the ultimate challenge of sustaining the new healthy habits I have developed.  Thanks to the teams at Sanford POWER and Profile, I couldn’t be better positioned for a successful transition and I am excited to be even closer to the support services that have served me so well even while abroad.