Bauer Ackerman

CONGRATULATIONS to Bauer Ackerman on being chose as May’s Athlete of the Month at Sanford POWER in Bismarck!

Bauer is a freshman at Bismarck High School where she competes in hockey. Bauer has been a mainstay at Bismarck POWER for the last several years where her consistency and dedication have led to tremendous gains within her training that have transferred over to the ice. She was named a member of the NDAHA 15U All-State Team, 15U USA Girl’s Hockey Team, and the 2021 Biosteel Player Development Camp. Bauer displays remarkable pride in her work. She always puts forth her best effort and applies the utmost diligence whether in training, on the ice, or in the classroom. Bauer was the recipient of the Academic Presidential Award, maintains a 4.0 GPA, and was voted student of the year her 8th grade year at Watcher Middle School.

Congratulations, Bauer!