Choosing healthy snacks on the road

If you’re traveling to a competition and you find yourself without snacks, a gas station or convenience store can provide easy access to light nourishment.

But – while it can be tempting to choose foods with little to no nutritional value – selecting items like candy, chips, pizza or soda can leave you with low energy and stomach issues before your game begins.

Instead, feel fueled and ready to compete using this guide for selecting healthy snacks on the go.

  1. Almonds, peanuts, trail mix or nut butter + fresh fruit

Choose a package of nuts, trail mix or peanut butter and add fruit for a snack that contains carbohydrates and healthy fats to hold you over and keep you energized.

  1. Greek yogurt

For a protein source that gives your snack some staying power, choose Greek yogurt with the option of adding a packet of nuts or a single serving of Cheerios or cereal.

  1. Cheese + fruit

For a balanced snack, pair cheese sticks or cheddar cheese with fruit and whole-grain crackers or pretzels.

  1. Popcorn + nuts

Skip the kettle corn or cheesy popcorn and instead choose a bag of air-popped or plain salted popcorn. Add a package of nuts for a snack that provides carbohydrates and healthy fats.

  1. Beef jerky

Jerky is a high protein snack that can be eaten with pretzels, applesauce, a fruit cup or a piece of fruit for another balanced snack option. 

  1. Protein bars

When choosing a protein bar, look for one made with nuts, such as a LÄRABAR, RXBAR or KIND bar, for a snack that gives you protein and carbohydrates.

  1. Chocolate milk

For a post-workout option, select chocolate milk for carbohydrates and protein to promote proper recovery after a competition.

Lizzie Kasparek, MS

Taylor Willhite, SDSU dietetic intern