Sanford POWER Golf Academy

Whether you’re looking to adjust your swing or become a stronger player, Sanford POWER is here to help drive your game no matter your age or current skill set.
The Sanford POWER Golf Academy in Sioux Falls is the most comprehensive golf program in the region, bringing together skill work with sports science, physical therapy, and strength and conditioning.Options include:

  • Coaching from PGA teaching professionals led by Todd Kolb
  • Golf movement and performance analysis
  • Golf movement and mobility services
  • Strength, speed and power training
  • Golf nutrition and hydration services


Click here to find out more information about any of the following programs or general academy information. Feel free to call (605) 312-7960.

  • Tiny Tees
  • Junior Tour Club
  • Middle School Tour Club
  • High School Tour Club
  • Hybrid Tour Club