Sanford POWER Golf Academy



The Sanford POWER Golf Academy is the most comprehensive golf program in the region, bringing together skill work with sports science, physical therapy and strength and conditioning. Our team of experts can help you move better, feel better and play better.

Options include:
• Coaching led by PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb
• Golf Movement and Performance Analysis
• Golf Movement/Mobility Services
• Strength, Speed, and Power Training
• Golf Nutrition and Hydration Services

2019 Tour Club programs

Essential Golf Performance Package 

  • Two sessions with a TPI Medical Level 3 Certified Physical Therapist
  • Golf specific movement evaluation
  • FlightScope ball-flight analysis
  • High-speed video swing capture
  • Corrective home exercise program
  • Manual soft tissue work
  • Comprehensive report of your results

Soft Tissue Performance and Muscle Maintenance Session(s)

The golf swing is a dynamic movement and our body is willing but not always able to perform correctly. Often times, the body needs a hands-on approach to properly and efficiently move throughout the entire swing. We can help you play longer and recover faster.

Additional Training Options

  • Golf Strength and Conditioning Training Sessions: Work one-on-one with a POWER strength and conditioning coach to improve your accuracy, distance and swing consistency.
  • Physical Therapy: If you are injured or are in pain, make an appointment with one of our Sports Physical Therapists who will assist you in getting back on the course.
  • Golf Strength and Conditioning Home Program: A POWER strength and conditioning coach will develop a customized, golf-specific program that you can use at home or on the road – no gym required.
  • Golf Nutrition Consult: Our sports dietitian will develop strategies to help you best fuel and hydrate your body for peak performance throughout any golf outing or tournament.
  • Sweat Testing: Pinpoint your fluid and electrolyte needs with a sweat test and get a personalized strategy to help you better manage and recover from sweat and hydration losses on the course.

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Sanford POWER: A Golfer’s Secret Weapon

Whether you’re looking to lower your score, get more distance on your drive or simply improve your stamina on the course, there is a well-established program right here in the upper Midwest to help. Sanford POWER is a sports performance training program that helps athletes of all ages and abilities in a variety of sports reach their personal goals.

From basketball, soccer or baseball to volleyball, hockey and yes – even golf – the program’s goal is to improve athletic performance by focusing on the principles of proper functional movement. The POWER training team never takes a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but just the opposite.

Professional golfer, Kim Kaufman completes a drive.“We customize our programs for each athlete’s unique needs and goals,” said Scott Hettenbach, director of Sanford POWER. “We focus on providing solid information about proper exercise techniques and training principles to give athletes the foundation they need to maximize their performance.”

So how does this apply to golfers? Hettenbach explained that the Sanford POWER Golf Program is a comprehensive performance plan specifically designed for each golfer. The staff works together to assure each golfer reaches their full potential – regardless of age or level of play.

“Our team of sports performance experts evaluate athletes by measuring their mobility, flexibility, strength, power, physical conditioning, body composition and nutritional habits,” he added. “With this information, we can design an individualized training program to address their specific needs to improve performance, reduce injury risks and elevate the level of their game on the course.”

The customized programs at Sanford POWER can be done individually, in small groups or team settings, based on the sport. They incorporate the latest in technology and scientific research, combined with experienced coaching to improve mobility, strength, speed, agility and explosive power.

Sanford POWER partners with the Sanford Sports Science Institute (SSSI) and Sanford Sports Physical Therapy, resulting in a diverse and integrated team that includes physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, biomechanists, sports scientists and sports nutritionists. This type of integration allows Sanford to approach golf from all angles, resulting in a comprehensive and unique approach to improving golf performance.

Professional golfer Kim Kaufman has worked hard to achieve her goals. The Clark, SD, native speaks to the importance of a program like Sanford POWER’s to help golfers perform their best on the course.

“In my profession, we walk an average of 40 to 50 miles a week and often on hilly terrain,” she said. “Last week I played 29 holes in one day in the hottest weather imaginable. If you aren’t physically ready for that type of day it will surely affect your performance.”

Kaufman has also used the POWER program herself, and gained valuable information that allowed her to be better prepared on the course.

“I did the sweat test a couple years ago and learned I lose a lot of salt when I sweat,” she said. “Now, I make it a habit to always put a packet of salt in every Gatorade I drink on the course. I also had an evaluation with the trainer and learned how tight my hip flexors are. Foam rolling has since become a part of my evening routine.”

Whether you’re training to be a pro like Kaufman, or simply want to improve your swing, the Sanford POWER Golf Program can help you be better on the course from the first hole to the last. Learn more at your local Sanford POWER Center.