Karley Lazella

Power Bemidji July Athlete of the Month

Karley Lazella

Name: Karley Lazella

Age: 13 Years Old

School: Bemidji Junior High

Sports: Softball, Basketball, and Volleyball

Athlete Highlights:

  • Karley has earned the Player of the Game Award, is a 3-time starter and earned Athlete of the Month throughout the Junior High program.
  • Her new personal records are 215lb (Squat) 105lb (Bench) 15.5″ (Vertical) and 5.8 sec (Pro Agility).
  • Karley is an active volunteer at her church, while also earning a spot on the ‘B Honor Roll’ in school.

Favorite Things About Power:

  • I really love having the opportunity to work hard and push myself to be the best athlete I can be. Learning new things in the weight room has been a great experience.
  • The staff have been so cool at POWER, Coach Cam works me really hard and is always asking about my day, making it a fun place to be.

Henry Weber

Power Bemidji June Athlete of the Month

Name: Henry Weber

Age: 13

School: St. Mark’s Lutheran School

Sports: Baseball, Football, Basketball

Highlights: Henry has increased his speed and his lifting strength while training at the POWER Center.

Favorite Thing About POWER: I like working with the POWER staff. They push me to be better every day.

Casey Rupp

Power Bemidji May Athlete of the Month

Casey Rupp

Name: Casey Rupp

Age: 17

School: Bemidji High School

Sport(s): Hockey, Ice Hockey, Tennis

Award(s): Minnesota High School tennis state participant

Highlights: Casey succeeds academically at Bemidji High School having a 4.2 GPA. He was also an All-Conference Tennis Honorable Mention.                                                                                          

Favorite Thing About Power: Casey enjoys working alongside his teammates while training at the POWER Center. He also appreciates the POWER staff and their expertise.