Addy Bjerke

Power Fargo June Athlete of the Month

Addy Bjerke

Month: June 2022

Name: Addy Bjerke

Age: 14

Grade: 8th

School: West Fargo Liberty Middle School

Sport(s): Basketball (Guard) and Volleyball (Outside Hitter)

Program(s): POWER Personal Training Sessions – 60-minute sessions


  • Has faithfully trained at Sanford POWER-Fargo since June 2016
  • Has shown a strong commitment to training 2-3 times per week
  • Open and attentive to coaching cues and instructions
  • Always brings a great attitude to her sessions and is very friendly with all
    POWER staff

Paul Richard

Power Fargo May Athlete of the Month

Name: Paul Richard
Activities & Hobbies: Reading, movies, exercising, spending time with his wife, Mary Jo, children and grandchildren, and being at the lake
Program(s): POWER Personal Training-60 minute sessions

  • Began training at Sanford POWER-Fargo in 1992
  • Recently reached 1 million lifetime rowing meters on a Concept 2 rower
  • Has a high degree of lifelong dedication to fitness and has committed to multiple days of training per week
  • Completes high density training sessions where he gets in a ton of work in an hour session
  • When talking with Paul during his training sessions, you always gain another perspective on life and learn something in the process

Kate Geiszler

Power Fargo April Athlete of the Month

Kate Geiszler

Name: Kate Geiszler
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore
School: West Fargo Sheyenne High School
Sport(s): Softball (Shortstop and Second base)
Program(s): POWER Personal Training – 60-minute sessions

  • Has trained at Sanford POWER-Fargo since January 2021
  • Shows up with a great attitude and ready to be pushed
  • Motivated to improve and succeed
  • Open and attentive to coaching cues and instructions
  • Extremely hard working and fun to work with