Hockey Academy

At Sanford POWER Hockey Academy, get started on the path the maximum performance. Our hockey-specific training program helps you achieve optimal physical condition and refines your skills so you can take your performance to the next level.
Players ages 9 and older can develop the abilities they need to finish strong on the ice and in the game. Individual, group and team training sessions are offered year-round.

Features at the Academy

Our training program is tailored to the unique demands of ice hockey, which requires top performance while carrying a heavy load of protective equipment. Because being a great hockey players starts with being a great skater, the Academy provides comprehensive training in three areas:

State-of-the-art hockey treadmill training:

  • Develop proper mechanics with video analysis
  • Improve balance and form
  • Increase speed
  • Receive training focused on stride frequency and length

Stick-handling and shooting

  • Advance power and accuracy
  • Improve soft and fast hand skills
  • Increase catch and release time and speed

Strength and agility training

  • Enhance strength and conditioning
  • Increase sports-specific development
  • Learn injury reduction strategies
  • Receive USA Hockey and high-performance strength testing


Coach Jeff Burton has 12 years of treadmill training experience and has coached some of the best hockey players in the country. He has trained both young and adult players at all levels–including Division I, the National Hockey League, the National Women’s Hockey Leauge and Team USA. He provides extensive knowledge on skating gait and mechanics, as well as stick-handling and shooting skill development.

For more information or to sign up for the Sanford POWER Hockey Academy program, call (701) 323-1125.

Sanford POWER
3451 N 14th St. Suite C
Bismarck, ND 58503

Ben Berg Baseball Academy

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Ben Berg spent his high school years training at POWER and was very involved with Sanford POWER’s baseball academy. Ben was tragically lost in a hunting accident in 2016. Through a donation from Ben’s parents, Carrie and Jim Berg, Ben’s legacy continues. Our mission to him and to his parents is to provide the best facility, training and resources to athletes of all ages to fulfill their baseball potential.

Because of Ben’s donation and POWER’s recent expansion and relocation, our baseball program will be expanded and improved. With over 10,000 square feet of field turf, two drop-down batting cages, portable pitching mounds and multiple drop-down nets, we can now offer a baseball-specific academy that provides training for each component of the game.

The academy will now offer three separate skills training sessions: hitting, pitching and defensive/ fielding. Each component will last six weeks. Athletes can participate in just one of the skills or all three of the skills if they wish.

With our improved facility, we can now offer an academy that allows baseball players in our region to improve their skills year-round in an environment that replicates a true playing situation.

Upcoming Programs: