At Sanford POWER, we work one-on-one with athletes to design personalized programs that meet their performance goals. To do this, we use comprehensive functional, physical and biomechanical evaluations. These assessments are for any athlete interested in improving their physical performance or treating musculoskeletal injuries.

Some services are not yet available at certain POWER locations.

Sport-specific nutrition consultations can help athletes maximize their power and endurance. Better nutrition also improves overall health and performance. The consultation includes a review of daily eating with an optional three-day diet analysis. We also provide an overview of nutrition tactics to use during training and competition. This summary includes preparation and recovery.

When you consult with a sports dietitian, you’ll get personalized strategies to optimize your training and performance. Your dietitian will also accommodate any allergies or chronic health conditions into your nutrition plan. Our goal is to help you effectively fuel your body for better overall performance and health.

If you have a sports-related injury, we can help. Our experts help you overcome challenges and successfully get back in the game.

We’ll work with you to answer these questions:

  • Do you understand your injury?
  • Who is on your recovery team and what are their roles?
  • What aspects of your recovery can you control? Do you have the necessary skills to do so?
  • What scares you the most about your return to play?

We offer virtual and in-person consultations. Contact Andy Gillham, PhD, at (605) 261-5935 or to learn more.

Sanford POWER programs have one clear goal. We work to improve athletic performance by focusing on the basics of proper functional movement. We believe that a well-designed athletic enhancement program can help improve performance and also address any issues that could lead to an injury.

Our assessments are designed to give us a baseline idea of the athletes who train with us. Evaluations tell us an athlete’s current abilities as well as the areas we could improve during their training.

SCORE testing, one of our evaluations, provides a comprehensive assessment. It measures:

  • Agility
  • Anaerobic capacity
  • Body fat using a skinfold caliper
  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Strength

Work with our experts to take the tests and discover your Sanford SCORE. This is a unique number that represents your sports-specific athletic fitness. You’ll learn how you compare to other athletes and discover techniques to help you better use every moment of your off-season training.

Call (218) 333-4650 for more information about any of our performance lab programs.