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Adult Fitness Options

At Sanford POWER we provide access to comprehensive functional, physiological and biomechanical evaluations. These evaluations are for anyone who is looking to improve his/her physical performance, or for musculoskeletal injuries. Our experts work one-on-one with the athlete to develop an individualized program to help achieve his/her specific performance goals. Please note that some services are not yet available at certain POWER locations.

Competitive sports will unfortunately come to an end at some point in everyone’s life, but a relentless pursuit of good health should never end. The focus of this group is to provide high quality training to improve health and quality of like while helping individuals work toward their personal performance goals. Our adult group fitness is offered daily all year long and on a drop in basis.

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Designed specifically to diagnose, treat and prevent running injuries. Our expert team of professionals, which includes sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, exercise physiologists and clinical biomechanists, work one-on-one with you to develop an individualized program to help you reach your specific running goals.

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We want every athlete to have the opportunity to train and receive guidance to help achieve their performance goals. One way we support satellite communities or athletes who do not have access to a POWER facility is through the use of online programming and remote coaching. We have several means to provide this service which could also include a blended option—one of our performance coaches can visit your facility to lead training sessions, go over programming, and create a program to implement in your facility with available equipment and resources.

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Bismarck Sanford POWER is a regional tactical strength and conditioning provider. POWER provides individual, small group, and team training along with performance testing to any departments and is a resource for all tactical professionals (PD/SWAT, Fire, and Military) in the community.

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Sport-specific nutrition interventions can help an athlete maximize power and endurance, as well as overall health and performance. Interventions, often times, include an assessment of daily eating patterns, 3-day dietary analysis, and an assessment of nutrition tactics used during training and competition, including preparation and recovery.

Through a one-on-one consultation with a sports dietitian, individualized strategies to maximize training and performance are developed. The dietitian also helps the athlete accommodate any specific allergies or chronic health conditions he/she may have. The goal is to help each athlete effectively fuel his/her body for optimal performance and health.

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