Sport-specific nutrition interventions can help an athlete maximize power and endurance, as well as overall health and performance. The intervention includes an assessment of daily eating patterns, optional 3-day dietary analysis, and assessment nutrition tactics used during training and competition, including preparation and recovery.

Through a one-on-one consultation with our sports dietitian, individualized strategies to maximize training and performance are developed. The dietitian also helps the athlete accommodate any specific allergies or chronic health conditions he/she may have. The goal is to help each athlete effectively fuel his/her body for optimal performance and health.

Virtual Sports Nutrition Consult

The Sanford Sports Science Institute now offers virtual nutrition consults via phone, tablet, laptop or computer. This will help you reach your nutrition, athletic performance and health goals, and to balance your busy lifestyle.

Virtual nutrition consults are available for athletes of ALL ages and abilities, five days a week.

Call (800) 467-5730 to schedule an appointment.

Advanced Body Composition® Assessment

Body composition describes the amount of fat, muscle and bone in your body and is often expressed as body fat percentage, lean mass and/or bone mineral density. Knowing your body composition and tracking it over time is essential for creating optimal nutrition and training programs.

An Advanced Body Composition® Assessment takes less than five minutes to complete. Your initial scan will cost $50 and will include a detailed report with color-coded, visual images of your body. You will also meet with a Sports Dietitian to review your results and receive recommendations for a plan of action that is the best fit for you.

Whether you are an elite athlete or an active individual, an Advanced Body Composition® Assessment will give you the most accurate information available to help you reach your health, fitness and performance goals.

If you would like more information about the Advanced Body Composition® Assessment, please call (800) 467-5730.