Bemidji Training Programs

Our certified strength and conditioning specialists will design a personalized workout just for you. We tailor workouts to your unique needs and goals.

You and your training partner will get a customized workout from our certified strength and conditioning specialists. We use the benefits of training with a partner to help you succeed in your workouts. Partner training helps increase motivation, accountability and fun.

Sanford POWER’s certified strength and conditioning specialists will design a program around your group’s goals. Training sessions also meet the group’s sport-specific demands by improving speed, strength and power while decreasing injury risk.

We’re here to provide motivation and challenge athletes to perform better every day. For younger athletes, we focus on developing flexibility, coordination, balance, strength and speed. As athletes mature, they’re still developing their speed, agility and power. To aid their development, we focus on technique, form and education.

For our large group trainings, our certified strength and conditioning specialists create a fast-paced, high-intensity environment for men and women.

We lead programs that feature:
• Agility
• Balance and core stabilization
• Bodyweight exercises
• Cardio training
• Plyometrics
• Traditional and nontraditional strength methods

This adult conditioning class combines resistance training and high-intensity cardio workouts. We design workouts that develop strength and endurance while being easy to follow for adults at all athletic levels. Classes are held year-round Monday through Friday at 5:45 a.m. From September through May, we also offer an adult group fitness class at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

To learn more about any of our programs, contact us at (218) 333-4650.