Personal and Group Training


Sanford POWER trains people of all levels and all ages to help them reach their personal goals. From individual to large group training, our team has the power to help you. Whether it’s for athletic performance, recreational, professional, or for the good of your mind and body, Sanford POWER welcomes you.

Athlete Development | Team Training | Group Fitness

Athlete Development

POWER Performance Training (Ages 14 and Up)

All POWER training sessions are led by certified strength and conditioning specialists with sports performance training. We offer sessions every day from Monday through Friday year-round for all athlete groups.

These training groups are designed around our athletes’ needs, abilities and training goals. POWER coaches consider age, current sports, movement deficiencies, and current or past injuries when prescribing training. We highly recommend this training for all athletes competing in a sport. Our program is the key to achieving higher athletic performance.

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PrePOWER (Ages 13 and Under)

PrePOWER is a developmental program that prepares athletes ages 13 and under for the demands of a sport. With a focus on speed, agility, plyometrics and strength training, PrePOWER helps young athletes master movement to help reduce future injuries and perform at a higher level. The program prepares athletes for more advanced POWER performance programs.

PrePOWER’s environment encourages athletes to improve their abilities, build self-confidence and resiliency, and learn about the positive effects training has on sports performance.

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Team Training

We personalize team training sessions to the needs and demands of an athletic group or team.

Benefits of team training include:

  • Increased performance
  • Reduced injury risk
  • Improved team comradery, culture and resilience

Team training is offered year-round at the POWER facility or remote locations.

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Performance Training

Improve your performance and be a better athlete. Sanford POWER offers tailored performance training programs to athletes of all skill levels in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Adult Group Fitness

Sanford POWER’s adult group fitness programs strive to support you in your pursuit of healthy living. Our goal is to provide high-quality training that improves health and quality of life while helping individuals work toward their personal performance goals.

Our adult group fitness is offered every day year-round on a drop-in basis.

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Online Programming and Coaching

We strive to offer every athlete the training opportunities and guidance that support them in their performance goals. For satellite communities or athletes who don’t have access to a POWER facility, we provide online programming and remote coaching.

For some programs, we offer a blended option. One of our performance coaches can visit your facility to lead training sessions, review programming and create a program to implement in your facility using available equipment and resources.

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Tactical Athlete Training

Sanford POWER in Bismarck is a regional tactical strength and conditioning provider. POWER provides individual, small group and team training along with performance testing to any department. We are a resource for all tactical professionals, including police officers, SWAT teams, firefighters and military members in the community.

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For more information on performance training opportunities, please contact us at (701) 323-1125.