Grand Forks Training Programs

Personal Training (1:1)

Our certified strength and conditioning specialists in Grand Forks design personalized workouts for adults based on their unique needs and goals.

Partner Training (2:1)

We create customized workouts for partner training. Training with a partner adds motivation, accountability and fun to workouts, making it more likely that pairs will meet their workout goals.

Small Group

For young athletes, we tailor our programs to their group’s goals and seek to challenge them every day. Training sessions prepare young athletes for safe competition by developing flexibility, coordination, balance, strength and speed. The training sessions mimic the sport’s specific demands by optimizing speed, strength and power while decreasing injury risk.

Large Group

Our certified strength and conditioning specialists create fast-paced, high-intensity workouts for men and women. Our programs feature athletic-based movements using traditional and nontraditional strength methods, bodyweight exercises, balance and core stabilization, plyometrics, agility and cardio training.

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