High School

The majority of athletes in this group are still developing neuromuscular patterns of speed, agility, and power, therefore technique, form, and education are key.  The training sessions begin to mimic the sports’ specific demands by increasing loads to optimize speed, strength, and power while decreasing injury risk.

For more information about the POWER Training Programs, contact a Sanford POWER Center in your area.

Sanford POWER trains people of all levels and all ages, to help them reach their personal goals. From individual to large group training, our team has the POWER to help you, whether it’s recreational, occupational or for the good of your mind and body.

Training Options

Personal Training (1:1)

Our Sanford POWER Performance Coaches will design an individualized workout for men or women based on your individualized needs and goals.

Partner Training (2:1)

Our Sanford POWER Performance Coaches will design a customized workout program for your workout partner and you. Training with a partner can be the difference between success and failure because it offers motivation, accountability and fun.

Small Group

Our Sanford POWER Team will design a program around your group’s goals. Small Group Training Sessions are led by a Performance Coach who will provide motivation and challenge you each day.

Large Group

Our Sanford POWER Team will create a fast paced, high intensity environment for men and women. Our Performance Coaches will lead a program that features athletic based movements using both traditional and non-traditional strength training methods, body weight exercises, balance/core stabilization, plyometrics, agility and cardio training.