Post-Workout Recovery

All sports require dynamic movement and our bodies are willing – but not always able – to perform. That’s why proper recovery is essential to improve performance. We want to help you recover faster and perform at your best while decreasing muscle fatigue and soreness.

Movement & Mobility | Dry Needling | Blood Flow Restriction | Recovery Nutrition | Normatec | Taping | Foam Rolling

Movement and mobility therapy

This is a form of manual therapy that uses hands-on massage techniques to improve flexibility, reduce swelling and decrease pain. This session is followed by sport-specific exercise to improve mobility and restore functionality. A complementary NormaTec Recovery System session is included.

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Dry needling

Patients who experience muscle strains, back pain, neck pain or chronic soreness in their muscles may find relief in a hands-on approach. Dry needling uses a “dry” needle, (meaning one not capable of giving injections) to relieve muscle pain or soreness. It uses thin, solid needles with rounded tips inserted into sore or sensitive tissues.

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Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)

BFR resistance training uses a medically certified device designed to temporarily slow down blood flow to the arms or legs during low intensity, light weight resistance exercise. Research has demonstrated that this type of exercise may cause responses in the body that are similar to those experienced following high intensity, heavy weight resistance exercise, and may be used to effectively and safely reestablish muscle strength and size following some injuries.

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Recovery Nutrition

Improve your workout recovery and get more out of your training sessions by learning about the importance of nutrition for exercise recovery. You’ll receive personalized strategies for nutrition timing, as well as meal and snack composition.

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NormaTec Recovery System

Promote faster recovery with this system that uses dynamic air compression to massage limbs – enhancing blood flow, removing metabolic waste, and decreasing pain and inflammation.

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We offer a variety of taping techniques to aid the body’s healing process with support and stability to the muscles, joints and soft tissues.

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Vibration Foam Rolling

Optimize time and efficiency with a vibrating foam roller session before or after exercise. Foam rolling can decrease pain and muscle tightness, promote mobility and encourage blood flow to enhance recovery.

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