POWER Partners: Dakota Alliance Soccer Club benefits from training, facilities

Sanford Health has worked closely with the Dakota Alliance Soccer Club since the club’s establishment over 20 years ago. The health care system has been an active sponsor for DASC tournaments and fundraisers. In 2009, POWER and DASC became partners with the help of Frank Gurnick, DASC director, and Scott Hettenbach, POWER director and certified strength and speed coach. This partnership has helped create new programs and provided additional field space for DASC in the Sanford Fieldhouse.

Off-season training is key

Two off-season soccer training sessions, Total Futbol Academy and 30-30, are offered at the field house from November to March. These programs involve session time dedicated to both soccer skills and POWER training. Since these programs cater to athletes from ages 5-14 years old, they are split up by age groups, so players receive the appropriate training techniques with POWER.

“Roughly 200 kids work with Hettenbach and staff for the 30-30 program,” said Gurnick. “Total Futbol Academy has around 100 athletes with Hettenbach and his staff.”

Due to in-season schedule demands, it is difficult for teams to consistently participate in POWER programs in the spring and summer months.

POWER also hosts sessions on Friday nights in the winter months for older soccer players called Friday Futbol. These sessions include skill work from DASC coaches and higher-level POWER strength and speed training.

“We are still trying to find better ways to involve high school athletes,” said Hettenbach explains. “It is challenging to create a schedule with this many teams and their busy schedules. We are striving for increased training consistency.”

‘POWER provides the specialization needed’

The tactical approach POWER operates by helps reduce the likeliness of in-season injury and fatigue. POWER’s group sessions are most beneficial when athletes can participate year-round.

“POWER provides the specialization needed for our sport when it comes to speed, agility, strength and conditioning,” said Gurnick. “We’ve enjoyed working with POWER and hope to improve our relationship as time goes on.”

Hettenbach and Gurnick are actively working to develop a simplified program for families while still being useful for athletes.

“POWER strives to provide the best opportunity for the kids,” said Hettenbach. “We want to be a service and help to produce the best soccer players possible.”

DASC provides all registration forms for each of these programs. POWER partners with the soccer organization when they rent field space at the Sanford Fieldhouse.

For more information, contact Sanford POWER.