POWER Partners: Fargo North prioritizes in-season training

Fargo North High School and Sanford Health have been partners for more than a decade. A recent addition to the relationship is paying dividends on the field for the Spartans.

In 2018, Sanford POWER became the official strength and conditioning service provider for Fargo North and now is playing an integral role in the performance training of athletes across all sports.

Fargo North has an enrollment of more than 900 students and fields 23 varsity boys and girls sports.

“We would like all in season programs to get into the weight room twice per week,” said Travis Christensen, the Spartans’ assistant principal and activities director. “Our head coaches have really bought in and we are seeing our attendance continue to grow.”

Since aligning with POWER last summer, Christensen has urged the schools’ teams to set up workouts and training sessions while they are in season. The goal of which is to have these services build a culture of in-season and off-season strength training.

That process was easier because Sanford handled the sports medicine needs of Fargo North since 2009 when it merged with MeritCare. MeritCare has been taking care of the Spartans since 2000.

“Having Sanford athletic trainers in our building on a daily basis is huge for our student-athletes and our coaches,” Christensen said. “(Sanford certified athletic trainers) Jon Darling and Jordan Wolf are extremely committed to doing everything they can to help our student-athletes avoid injuries.”

All told, Sanford provides sports medicine care to more than 60 area high schools and 14 four-year colleges.

Dylan Masloski is the certified strength and conditioning coach from POWER that works with the Spartans. The University of North Dakota graduate enjoys helping these young athletes try to reach their individual goals and potential.

“My general principle for training athletes is to keep it simple,” Masloski said. “Athletes in high school just need to learn the basics.  We try to sprint, jump, do a variation of an Olympic movement, squat, press and pull. I believe if you improve strength, speed and power you’ll be better no matter what sport you play.”