POWER Partners: Legends of Gold wrestling builds elite program

Terry Pack founded Legends of Gold Wrestling in 2009 out of Beresford, S.D. Within five years, Pack connected his wrestling community to POWER. Two years after the programs’ initial association, Sanford POWER and Legends of Gold merged their programs.

Together, they work towards their shared goal to help maximize each wrestler’s potential improvement in strength, speed, power and agility. In addition, the programs have the resources to identify those keys components of nutrition, hydration and biomechanics to deliver the most comprehensive program available while reducing the incidence of injury.

IDA created for elite wrestlers

Legends of Gold members typically train at the Beresford wrestling complex during the week. The International Development Association (IDA), an elite group of wrestlers, finds time for training sessions with Sioux Falls POWER lead strength and conditioning specialist Brad Rilling two to three times a week at the Sanford Fieldhouse.

“POWER gives direction for nutrition, strength training and conditioning,” said Pack. “It develops specific programs based on young athletes through senior-level competitors.”

Because IDA is a more competitive wrestling group, its members regularly train with POWER. The 14-person group requires more intense training due to their tougher matches. IDA is made up of athletes ranging from students in 5th grade to high school students.

Rilling regulates the workouts to each athlete’s level to improve their athleticism and power.

“We work on overall athleticism to include power, strength, quickness and speed,” said Rilling. “The training of these athletes varies in intensity based on their competitive schedule.”

Performance and injury prevention are key

Legends of Gold mainly trains with high school students and younger athletes. Sioux Falls POWER’s main focus with Legends of Gold is to help develop pre-college athletes.

“I feel that most people can’t find a training program quite like POWER,” said Pack. “Brad adds a personal touch to each kid. He truly gets to know them.”

Sanford POWER aims to prevent injuries, train wrestlers to become superior athletes and develop a long-lasting relationship with their athletes. Legends of Gold and POWER plan on continuing and strengthening their partnership in the future.

For more information, contact Sioux Falls Power.