The Return to Performance program is innovative and injury-specific. It’s designed for athletes of all skill levels recovering from an injury or surgery. The program features collaborative care between the Return to Performance team and our physical therapy experts. We focus on transitioning an athlete from recovering in physical therapy to returning to performance.

The Return to Performance program combines functional rehabilitation with sports training. You’ll get a personalized program that safely returns you to your activities.


  • Provides athletes of all skill levels with the chance to work on functional rehabilitation and sport-specific drills. These skills prepare athletes to return to performance.
  • Returns athletes to their full motor potential. We rehabilitate injuries, re-train for sport-specific skills and provide the necessary tools to maintain general fitness, strength, flexibility and movement.
  • Helps athletes stay motivated to follow rehabilitation practices and meet performance goals.
  •  Provides education on how to prevent an injury or re-injury.


  • Uses balance challenges, coordination activities and functional strengthening drills to improve motor development.
  • Athletes learn to control their strength and coordination while focusing on biomotor tasks such as running, cutting, jumping, throwing and more.
  • Components of impact, change of center of gravity and direction of movement are gradually introduced.
  •  Based on the athlete’s sports-specific needs, the program focuses on agility, plyometrics, speed and strengthening at progressively higher levels of performance intensity and complexity.
  •  Athletes are taught how to adapt to a diverse range of movement challenges and skill requirements.

Once athletes complete physical therapy and have approval from their physician, they should schedule a consultation with our Return to Performance team. Our team will work with their physical therapist and physician.

Return to Performance offers services for sprains, strains and fractures to the knee, ankle, hip, shoulder, elbow and back.

The return to play evaluation assesses an athlete’s biomechanics related to running, jumping and cutting. It determines an athlete’s readiness to return to their sport. The motor skill tests are captured by high-speed video cameras. The Return to Performance specialist then uses these videos to objectively quantify an athlete’s level of risk for injury or re-injury by evaluating hip stability, pelvic stability, hip strategy, trunk stability and shock absorption.

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