The Return to Performance program is an innovative and injury-specific program for athletes recovering from an injury or surgery. It is coordinated and collaborative care between the POWER Center’s Return to Performance staff and physical therapy. This program transitions an athlete from completion of physical therapy to fully returning to performance. The Return to Performance program integrates the philosophies of functional rehabilitation with those of sports training. The result is a program which develops dynamic stability and provides for a safe return to activities.


  • Provides athletes, of any activity level, with an opportunity to work on functional rehabilitation and sport specific drills that will prepare them to return to performance.
  • Returns athletes to their full motor potential. This is accomplished by rehabilitating the injury, re-training for sport specific skills and providing the necessary tools to maintain general fitness, strength, flexibility and movement.
  • Provides motivation needed to successfully adhere to rehabilitation protocols and achieve performance goals.
  • Provides information on how to prevent re-injury.

Individualized Program

  • Incorporates balance challenges, coordination activities and functional strengthening drills.
  • Athletes learn to control their strength and coordination, while focusing on biomotor tasks including running, cutting, jumping, throwing, etc.
  • Components of impact, change of center of gravity and direction of movement are also introduced.
  • The program will focus on agility, plyometrics, speed and strengthening at a progressively higher level of performance, intensity and complexity based on each individual’s sports specific needs.
  • Sessions focus on specific movements and skill requirements for each individual’s return to performance.
  • Athletes are taught how to adapt to a diverse range of movement challenges.


Once an athlete completes physical therapy and has the approval of their physician, please schedule a consultation with our Return to Performance team at (701) 234-8999.


  • Knee (ACL & Other Knee Injuries)
  • Ankle
  • Upper Extremity (Shoulder and Elbow)
  • Back


The Return to Play Evaluation will assess an athlete’s biomechanics as it relates to running, jumping, and cutting to determine an athlete’s readiness to return to sport. It consists of six motor skill tests captured by high-speed video cameras. We can objectively quantify an athlete’s level of risk for injury or re-injury by using the markers of hip stability, pelvic stability, hip strategy, trunk stability, and shock absorption.

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