Sanford POWER Runner’s Clinic

The Runner’s Clinic is designed specifically to diagnose, treat and prevent running injuries. Our expert team of professionals, which includes sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, exercise physiologists and clinical biomechanists, work one-on-one with you to develop an individualized program to help you reach your specific running goals.

Your evaluation at the clinic will be conducted by a Sanford POWER physical therapist with expertise in recognizing running injuries, and understanding why they occur and how to prevent them. All evaluations begin by gathering information about your health and training history, including current/past athletic injuries.

The therapist will then perform a comprehensive physical examination to test for strength, flexibility, muscular imbalances and pain. We use high-speed video cameras (100 fps) in conjunction with the Simi Aktisys automated motion capture system to provide precise, quantitative biomechanical assessments for real-time biofeedback and slow-motion playback.

In many cases, biomechanical deficiencies and improper form can be identified during the evaluation. Your therapist will then work with you to improve your running technique and provide recommendations to treat existing injuries and prevent new ones from occurring.

For more information about the Runner’s Clinic, contact a Sanford POWER Center in your area.

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