Run faster, stronger, smarter

When you’re ready to improve your running performance, Sanford POWER Runners Coaching Program gives you comprehensive training by a team of experts. No matter your age, location or experience, you’ll receive coaching tailored to your individual needs and performance goals.

The program is $90 for 12 weeks or $125 for 16 weeks. This includes a consultation, a personalized running plan and sessions with a running coach at Sanford POWER in Fargo or by connecting online.

Led by certified strength and conditioning coaches Kendall Railing and Al Kraft at Sanford POWER in Fargo, the program helps you improve your training methods and mileage progressions at a pace that’s right for you, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner preparing for your next race.

No two runners are alike and neither should your coaching be.

Call (701) 234-8999 to register now.

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