Sanford SCORE: The first step toward summer gains

At Sanford POWER, we help you reach your athletic potential so you can be your best when it matters the most. But how do you know where you stand or measure your improvements? Those elements are key, especially during summer training.

Just like in school, we use a test, known as the Sanford SCORE Athletic Assessment. This assessment measures overall athleticism with a single number, making the Sanford SCORE the one number all athletes need to know. This general athletic assessment, offered at Sanford POWER, consists of power, speed and agility drills. Using an exclusive formula developed through years of sports science research, the test results are combined into one number, your Sanford SCORE.

Sanford POWER athletes in Sioux Falls, Fargo and Bismarck will begin summer training sessions with a Sanford SCORE assessment. That will help our certified strength and conditioning coaches see where you’re at and help plot a course for how to get where you want to be.

Do your SCORE testing and then post your SCORE on social media using #SanfordSports. It’s a fun way to compete with your friends and teammates – and to let the world know that you’re serious about making gains this summer