Six champs crowned in inaugural Sanford Golf Junior Tour

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – An impressive field of junior golfers competed in the inaugural event of the Sanford Golf Junior Tour on Monday morning at Willow Run Golf Course.

College golfers as well as area high school players competed in the 18-hole, invite-only event.

Lexi Hanson, who plays for the University of Sioux Falls and won the college women’s division, says it is great to have an event in the summer with such a high-level of competition for college golfers.

“It’s so fun to go out here and play with these really good athletes,” said Hanson. “It drives you to compete more and really play your best.”

The winners of each division will get to walk inside the ropes during tournament play at the Sanford International – a PGA Tour Champions event – at Minnehaha Country Club this September. The event was created and run by the Sanford POWER Golf Academy and the Todd Kolb Golf Academy. There are plans to expand beyond a single event starting in 2019.


Girls 14-15: Reese Jansa 78, Emily Kolb 86, Keva Burshiem 87, Claire Yunag, 88, Haley Wirebaugh 91

Boys 14-15: William Sanford 70, Owen Holmes 73, Brody Boltjes 75, Matt Gusso 75,  D.J. Heiberger 75, Luke Honner 75, Bennett Geraets 77, Jake Olson 77, Gavin Hatch 78, Lake Hamilton 80, Radley Mauney 80, Chase McDonald 81, Jackson Rogers 83, Liam Sarmiento 88

Girls 16-18: Jenna Sutcliffe 76, Sophie Jansa 81, Carly Kunkel 82, Shannon McCormick 85, Sophia Salter 86, Courtni Frank 86, Abby Hamman 89, Hannah Hatch 90, Ella Bender 99

Boys 16-18: Lucas Schaefbauer 72 (3rd playoff hole), Brock Murphy 72, Max Honner 74, Jimmie Cunningham 76, Blake Dornbusch 77, Ryan Neff 77, Zach Curd 78, Phil Enderson 79, Michael Frick 79, Westin Trenhaile 79, Jack Johnson 80, Carson Van Beek 89, Austin Boomsma 93

College Women: Lexi Hanson 73, Sydney Bormann 75, Sydney Wirebaugh 77, McKayla Poppens 77, Emily Olson 79, Katie Bartlett 79, Lexi Jonas 80, Alex Stone 81, Alex Nutter 81, Taylor Sudenga 86, Kyleigh Moran 87, Sami Langford 89, Sydney Hubbard 89, Tressa Bull 95

College Men: Jacob Michel 66, Alejandro Perazzo 67, Tommy Vining 70, Brendan Bassing 71, Jonah Dohrer 71, J.J. Cooney 74, Jacob Zosel 74, Sam Batta 75, Jacob Lee 75, Justin Kolb 77, Jake Oetzman 77, Jacob Otta 77, Sam Sutcliffe 77, Nathan Woodall 78, Bryce Hammer 79, Austin Hoss 82, Hank Eggebraaten 83, Damion Bresee 86, Gunnar St. John 88