Sports Medicine Rehab

The state-of-the-art POWER Centers allow patients to physically perform the appropriate activities or techniques to help determine if they are ready to return to play, or if further supervision and training is required.


The POWER Centers were built specifically with the athlete in mind. Come train and rehabilitate side-by-side with our athletes. For more information about the Sports Medicine Rehab program, contact a Sanford POWER Center in your area.

POWER Center

2990 Seter Parkway
Fargo, ND 58104
(701) 234-8999

POWER Center
Sioux Falls

2215 W. Pentagon Place
Sioux Falls, SD 57107
(605) 312-7800

POWER Center

2020 Lovett Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58504
(701) 323-6837