Adding Prowler Sled exercises can yield real benefits

By Jim Lloyd, CSCS

Through the years, fitness has progressed from the dark ages of nautilus equipment and step aerobics to more non-traditional ways of working out. So what is it about non-traditional fitness that has become so appealing? Results! The intensity and variety of sled exercises will help challenge your body to achieve better results. Here are some benefits of adding sled pushing/pulling and dragging to your workout routine:

034000-00521P Carson Wentz 09-30-2016More Variety
Whether you are an athlete or fitness fanatic, sled-training offers something different from regular workout methods such as pull-ups or using dumbbells. It enables you to include elements of variety and fun to your workouts, and challenge yourself more.

Functional strength
Sled training involves many different muscles and joints, which perform functional movements. Your arms and legs work together to help you move. Along with this, you need a strong core to keep your body stable as your limbs build up force with the sled.

Training with both a light and heavy sled will give you many benefits. You can sprint using a lighter sled to work on speed development and acceleration. Pushing a heavy sled, you’re muscular, cardiovascular endurance will increase, and you will gain more strength in your lower body.

Injury prevention
Sled training can be beneficial for both injury prevention and rehabilitation. It can still be challenging but it is great for building up muscles without working them too much. If you get too tired, you only have to stop. There is no negative movements you can make with a sled.