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Ask an Expert: Sports science insights for athletes


It can be difficult for athletes, coaches and parents to sort out fact, fiction and fads in the evolving field of sports science. The Sanford Sports Science Institute is here to help. Through its role as the official research partner of the National Scholastic Athletics Foundation, SSSI experts are going to your questions in this ongoing … Continue reading Ask an Expert: Sports science insights for athletes

Sanford POWER Golf Services


Drive your game with golf services from Sanford POWER. Our golf specialists are trained to evaluate your fundamentals and help you make the adjustments that will impact your final score. Not all swings are created equal. Your body and physical fitness level affect how you swing the club. The golf swing is a balance between … Continue reading Sanford POWER Golf Services

Sanford POWER Golf Academy


Whether you’re looking to adjust your swing or become a stronger player, Sanford POWER is here to drive your game forward no matter your age or current skill set. The Sanford POWER Golf Academy in Sioux Falls is the most comprehensive golf program in the region, bringing together skill work with sports science, physical therapy, … Continue reading Sanford POWER Golf Academy