Sanford Sports Medicine directory: 2019-20

Looking for sports medicine, sports performance, sports science, sports nutrition or sports physical therapy services? Here’s a guide to the locations, people and programs provided by Sanford Health across Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Even if you are located outside of that area, we can help. An overview:

At Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, we care about the whole athlete and want to help in every aspect of the athletic life cycle. We offer a continuum of care that involves:

• INJURY PREVENTION: Our specialists focus on educating athletes how to perform and train appropriately for their sport. This includes teaching biomechanics, proper duration and intensity levels, and good nutrition habits.

• TREATMENT: We have expert physicians and surgeons to treat our athletes with the latest in surgical and non–surgical techniques when injuries do occur.

• RETURN TO PERFORMANCE: Our dedicated teams work with athletes to help them return to their previous level of play or better.

• INNOVATION: Our knowledgeable sports scientists are conducting cutting edge research to improve athletic health and performance through scientific discovery and accessible athlete services and education.

Sanford Sports Medicine Directory

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