Jenna Beck

School: West Fargo High School

Grade: Senior

Age: 18 years old

Sport(s): Basketball (Shooting Guard) and Track & Field (200m, 400m, 100m Hurdles, 300m Hurdles, Long Jump, and Javelin)

Program(s): Small Group POWER Training Sessions – 60 minute sessions


  • Began training at POWER-Fargo, with Brett, in July 2016 and has continued to train 3-4 times per week.
  • Goal driven; her effort is 100% on every rep and every exercise.
  • Recently hit a goal of a 225 lb. Back Squat max.
  • A very coachable student-athlete who takes feedback well; weekly comes to Brett for performance advice.
  • Great attitude, always positive, and fun to be around.