Now available: Virtual sports nutrition consults

















Proper nutrition is essential to maximizing training and optimizing sports performance, but many athletes are not aware of ways to access a nutrition expert who can help them to gain a competitive edge by learning how to effectively fuel for their sport and activities.

The new virtual Sports Nutrition Consult at the Sanford Sports Science Institute will provide athletes and active individuals access to a sports nutrition expert through one-on-one video chat meetings. In a 30 or 60-minute nutrition session, a dietitian and client will work together to develop a nutrition plan to help optimize performance by reviewing the client’s goals, training schedule, and typical eating patterns. Topics discussed in a consult may include:

  • race/game/tournament day fueling
  • healthy snacks
  • meal planning and grocery shopping
  • weight management and body composition
  • hydration strategies
  • supplements
  • travel nutrition
  • recovery nutrition

Set up a virtual sports nutrition consult that fits your schedule today by calling the Sanford Sports Science Institute at (800)-467-5730 and learn how nutrition can help take your performance to the next level.