Your goal to have a competitive season is in sight. The off-season is no time to be sitting on the sidelines. Sanford POWER can help you reach your goal of success by going beyond the basic fundamental and focusing on speed, power, agility, strength, and conditioning. We are offering our annual seasonal POWER Camps.

Each camp will lay the foundation for the competitive season. Improving skills doesn’t just happen by simply focusing on conditioning or strength training. It’s more than just “sets” and “reps.” Instead, you improve by training your nerves to send messages faster and to recruit muscles in a more efficient, coordinated manner. Our staff has the knowledge of proper power, strength, agility, and speed development.

Not all camps are offered at all POWER locations
For more information about our seasonal training camps, contact your local POWER Center

Spring Training Camps

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Winter Training Camps

  • Track Training Camp
  • Endurance Training Camp
  • Soccer Training Camp
  • Tennis Training Camp
  • Baseball & Softball Training Camp

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  • Holiday Season Camp

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Fall Training Camps

For more information about our fall training camps, please call your local POWER Center

Summer Satellite

The POWER Summer Satellite program is a summer-based, large group-training program offered to athletes at their school. The program is lead by POWER staff and implements the latest in strength, speed, agility, plyometric, flexibility, explosive power development, along with conditioning training. All Summer Satellite Programs are designed to meet the needs of each school.

  • Injury Education Training Camp
  • Cross Country Training Camp
  • Football Training Camp
  • Soccer Training Camp
  • Swimming Training Camp
  • Hockey Training Camp
  • Volleyball Training Camp