POWER expands golf services in North Dakota

Sanford POWER is expanding golf services in North Dakota, growing into Bismarck in addition to existing programming in Fargo.

Options include:

  • Golf movement/mobility services
  • POWER training
  • Golf nutrition and hydration plans
  • Examination and evaluation for a golf injury or dysfunction

014002-01454P Elin Arvidsson Pro Golfer SSSI Session-08_25_2017These services bring together aspects of strength and conditioning, physical therapy and sports science. POWER’s team of golf-trained experts aim to help players of all ages and abilities to move better, feel better and play better.

Packages, prices and scheduling varies by location. Call the Sanford POWER Center in your area for more information (Bismarck (701) 323-1125; Fargo (701) 234-8999); Sioux Falls (605) 312-7900).

“Golf is a lifetime sport that’s enjoyed by millions of people,” said Steve Young, executive vice president for Sanford POWER.  “But it can be hard on the body because of the asymmetrical nature. Most people do not realize that movement issues hamper their game. POWER can improve the golf experience.”

POWER has been offering golf-specific services in Sioux Falls and Fargo since 2017 as part of the ever-expanding Sanford Golf program. Other elements include golf-specific research through the Sanford Sports Science Institute, Great Shots – a golf and entertainment venue – and the Sanford International, a PGA Tour Champions event held in Sioux Falls. Great Shots will open in late 2019 at the Sanford Sports Complex in Sioux Falls, and will host the World Scientific Congress of Golf in 2021.

Among the professional golfers that utilize POWER services: Two-time U.S. Open champion Andy North and current LPGA players Amy Olson and Kim Kaufman.

Sanford POWER has been developing athletes for 20 years.