POWER Golf: The importance of core stability

Sanford POWER is a strength and conditioning program that helps enhance athletes in any given sport. More specifically, POWER coach Paul Lundgren, works with golfers to improve form and strength. When it comes to golf, core is a critical component to success.

Your core and your golf game

Certified strength and conditioning specialist, Paul Lundgren, at Sanford POWER in Sioux Falls, SDWhy is your core so important?

“As you are swinging the club, it is important to have a place to transfer your energy,” Lundgren said. “Having stability, alongside mobility, allows you to transfer energy from your feet to your hands.”

Training the core allows for a more rigid and strong body. A stronger form better maintains the energy within when the golf club is being swung.

“Without a strong core, you are not able to transfer energy properly through the body,” Lundgren said. “Your core is the main mover for golf swing along with the hips and feet. The core is where the rotation happens around the torso.”

Core stability exercises for golf

Looking for ways to better your golf game? Planks, farmer’s carries, or any other movement that involves holding a stable core against the body’s movement will aid in training the core.

“If core is a known weak spot,” Lundgren said, “it is more important to work on core stability rather than just crunches and sit-ups that only help the appearance.”

Core stability is easy to add to a workout at home or in the gym. It does not take long to work on core stability movements. Little additions to a consistent workout will greatly improve core strength.

Sanford POWER customizes workouts to be sport specific. Golfers are capable of reaching new levels in their game with the certified strength and conditioning experience Lundgren holds.

For more information, visit the Sanford POWER Golf Academy in Sioux Falls.