POWER helping military members get fit while on active duty

Sports physical therapist Matt Rollag is on active duty.
Sports physical therapist Matt Rollag is on active duty.

















Sanford POWER is involved in a unique project, designed to give nutrition and wellness support to two Sioux Falls men while serving abroad with the military. The basic idea: That POWER can help you reach your health goals no matter where you are.

Here are excerpts from the introductory pieces by Nathan Peterson and Matt Rollag. Stay tuned for updates over the next month:

My name is Nathan Peterson. My wife and I have been married for nearly 13 years and have three beautiful children.

In addition to my civilian job as an executive at Sanford Health, I am an enlisted member of the Air National Guard with 20 years of service. As I entered my last year of service, I had the opportunity to participate in a long-term deployment to Southeast Asia. I will retire shortly after returning from this trip – and am glad I have a chance to end my military career with this experience.

I also saw the deployment as an opportunity to regain a level of physical fitness that I haven’t had since completing basic training two decades ago. Between college, demanding careers, and the delightful chaos of raising children, any healthy habits I developed in my early 20s slipped away and I have been solidly in ‘dad bod’ territory for quite some time now. If I am honest with myself, the pressures noted above are really just excuses. There is no reason, with proper planning and self discipline, that I couldn’t balance the demands of work, home life and wellness to maintain an optimal level of fitness.

The team at POWER created a tailored strength and conditioning plan that fits the amount of time I can commit overseas to physical activity. Similarly, they loaded all of my training information into a new mobile app under development so that I can track my workouts and communicate with my trainer remotely.

Here’s an introduction to Rollag, who is a sports physical therapist at the Sanford Fieldhouse:

My name is Matt Rollag. I am 30 years old and married with two children.

Growing up, I identified myself as an athlete being heavily involved in basketball, football, and baseball. But my fitness journey really started after I enlisted. I came home from military and basic training in great shape and the discipline to maintain it. Working out had become my “new sport.” I was very happy with the way my body looked and felt. Then “real” life begins. I found myself with many new responsibilities and life stressors. Some of them I wanted and were welcomed, and others I did not expect. Some of them required more time and energy than others.

Over the past 5 years I have gradually gotten more and more out of shape. I think it is important to take responsibility for your circumstances, so I don’t want to blame this all on the events I listed in the previous paragraph. Yes, I found myself with less free time/energy than in college, but I also got lazy with my nutrition and exercise habits. I am no longer happy with the way my body looks and feels. Thankfully, my colleagues at Sanford POWER and my new friends at Sanford Profile are going to help me change that!