POWER Partners: Fargo Youth Hockey thrives on centralized workout concept

The partnership between Sanford POWER and Fargo Youth Hockey has continued to grow. POWER has always been a huge sponsor for the club’s hockey tournaments, hockey nights and fundraisers within Fargo. Over time, the youth association has grown and expanded their plans with the help of POWER.

“We wanted to ramp it up for next season,” John Kosobud, Fargo Youth Hockey director, said. “We needed a centralized workout facility for everyone.”

Freeze, the youth hockey club that has officially merged with POWER, has had to manage five ice rinks in the past to accommodate each team. POWER can provide the amenities of one centralized rink as well as weight room facilities for every athlete.

“We wanted to develop more consistent in-season training,” said Kosobud. “This allows us to have quality and control with our teams.”

In the off-season, teams train with POWER two to four times weekly to help develop strength, speed and mobility. During the season, athletes come around one to two days a week for recovery and mobility purposes. Not only are weights provided, but nutritional support is involved in educating each kid. Overall, 270 hockey players, both boys and girls, are cycling through this facility for 14 weeks to enhance athleticism.

“Our main focus with POWER is core and leg strength,” said Kosobud. “It is critical for the sport of hockey.”

POWER is there to guide and improve techniques for each athlete. Several certified strength and conditioning coaches work with the Fargo teams to help develop stronger players. Through repetition and instruction, POWER and Fargo Youth Hockey hope to leave high school athletes with the knowledge and skills to train on their own, whether or not they see a future with hockey.