POWER partners: Magic Soccer gains strength in Bismarck

In North and South Dakota, a number of different sports have started to see the results POWER training can have for development. One such team is Magic Soccer F.C., a youth soccer organization in Bismarck. Uniquely, Magic Soccer F.C. has an hour of traditional soccer practice, followed by an hour of POWER training.

“The POWER training and physical development is crucial to our developmental pattern,” club founder and player development director Ricardo Pierre-Louis said. “It’s a whole component of soccer. It’s easier to develop an athletic soccer player’s foot skills in contrast to a non-athletic player.”

Celtic releasePierre-Louis says the POWER program helps players stay fit year-round and prevents them from suffering injuries. He also says the program helps them develop athletes physically and be on the right path towards a high level.

Pierre-Louis was a member of the Haitian national team for nine years, and played against some of the best players in the world. He’s someone who knows what it takes to compete at the highest level.

“There’s so much running in the game of soccer at the high levels,” Pierre-Louis said. “It requires a lot of physical preparation in order to run five to seven miles in 90 minutes. It’s not something you can just develop when you get there.”

Pierre-Louis has played around the globe in all kinds of facilities. He says the POWER facilities are first-class.

“Sanford has top-class facilities in Bismarck, Fargo and Sioux Falls,” Pierre-Louis said. “The facilities have the ideal setup and mindset of athletic and performance training.”

He says the POWER centers are comparable to the facilities he’s used when he played professionally.

“The Bismarck POWER Center is something that was definitely much needed in the community,” Pierre-Louis said. “We are extremely thankful for it.”

For more information about the Sanford POWER Centers, visit sanfordpower.com/about/facilities/.