Q and A: Pro golfer Emma Jandel

Sioux Falls is now the host of two annual national-level golf tour events: The Sioux Falls GreatLIFE Challenge on the Symetra Tour and the Sanford International on the PGA Tour Champions.

019028-4539P Foundation Golf Event-06_07_2017The Symetra event – in its fourth year – starts this week at Willow Run and includes a couple Sanford POWER athletes: Elin Arvidsson and Emma Jandel.

Jandel answered a few questions while doing some work with Levi Pole, the director of performance biomechanics with the Sanford Sports Science Institute.

Question: Five years ago, none of the major golf tours stopped in Sioux Falls and now two of them do. What are your thoughts on the growth of the game here?

Answer: It’s really cool to see Sanford’s impact on golf – and at such a high level. It shows who Sanford is and what it has gotten into – it doesn’t just do things to get your started. You go all in. It’s really great to see and it’s fun to be a part of it.

Question: You’re not a stranger to the Sanford POWER Golf Academy; what are working on this time?

Answer: More maintenance. I feel really thankful that we worked together at the beginning of the year – meeting with (sports dietitian) Lizzie Kasparek and Levi. I have a lot of little tricks that help me on the road. My hip was kind of bothering me to start the year, and my upper back, but they’ve given me a lot of little stretches to do on the road and they’re very helpful.

Answer: It’s just – just the littlest mobility work 4-5 times a week is a game-changer out here with the amount of stress we put on our bodies every day. I feel great. It’s not like we’re reinventing the wheel every time – we just keeping adding to the foundation we’ve built.

Question: Do you feel like you’re more in tune with your body after working with experts on those areas?

Answer: Oh yeah. Last week was a prime example. I played in Palm Springs, and it was 108 (degrees) or something. I’d done the sweat test (with the Sanford Sports Science Institute) and so I know that I lose more salt than the normal person. So I did a good job of getting extra electrolytes – more than just water. A couple days in, I was feeling great. I wouldn’t have known that before. Little things go a long way.