Ready, set, summer training

By Kendall Railing, CSCS

There are many clichés in the world of sports.  Here is one of them: Championships are won and lost in the off-season.

As we enter the summer months it can be busier and more exhausting than ever. Different sports and coaches are pulling you in multiple directions in the quest for championship seasons. You have open gymCoach Kendall Railing has more than 20 years experience in strength and conditioning field., multiple individual and team camps, and several different nightly leagues for some or all of the sports you play. If you are currently in-season you have practice and games that take priority. You also want to find time to get to the lake with family and or friends, earn some spending money with a part-time job, and finally find time for vacation with your family. As you exhaust yourself running to and fro, remember you need to improve more than just your jump shot, serve, throwing, take down, backhand, slap shot, hitting, blocking, or swing mechanics.

Let me give you an analogy. Let’s say you were a car competing at the highest level of NASCAR. Your crew gets you on the track for practice every day and races every weekend. Yet, you’re always practicing and racing on the same tires.  The crew never brings you in the garage to change the oil, tweak the motor, or make adjustments to the frame or outer body that’s constantly taking a beating.  Often you run out of gas because they forget to put fuel into your tank.  I will guarantee you, not many races will be won with this kind of treatment in this scenario.

You may be wondering what this analogy has to do with the article.  Here’s the point:  The sport skills mentioned above are crucial for outstanding performance. However, if you’re not getting into the weight room to improve your strength, or training to improve your speed, quickness, agility, and vertical jump you are absolutely missing an opportunity to perform at an even higher level.

If you are in the weight room developing strength and speed, it will show itself in your sport skill.  Make the time for it.  It may mean you will have to give something up, but the benefits will far outweigh the alternative. For more information about training to improve strength, speed, quickness, agility, and vertical jump contact your local POWER Center for details.