A concussion is a serious brain injury. Returning to play after a concussion requires careful evaluation and a thorough recovery plan. Partner with the experts at Sanford POWER to safely return to activity.

Our Concussion-Return to Play (C-RTP) program is an athlete-focused approach. Athletes in this program are carefully supervised and evaluated by a sports medicine team trained in concussion management to determine their readiness to return to full sports participation.

Before entering the C-RTP program, athletes must be evaluated and cleared by their physician or certified athletic trainer to begin graded exercise. Once in the program, athletes slowly progress through a protocol of increasing intensity exercises and sport-specific movements.

Athletes who complete the C-RTP program are more ready and have more confidence returning to their sport than other athletes. Our program gradually immerses the athlete back into play.

We provide the best opportunity to return to play while reducing the risks of returning too early.

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