At Sanford POWER, we help you reach your athletic potential so you can be your best when it matters the most. But how do you know where you stand or measure your improvements?

Just like in school, we use a test, known as the Sanford SCORE Assessment. This assessment measures overall athleticism with a single number, making the Sanford SCORE the one number all athletes need to know. This general athletic assessment, offered at Sanford POWER, consists of power, speed and agility drills. Using an exclusive formula developed through years of sports science research, the test results are combined into one number, your Sanford SCORE.

In addition to learning about your overall athleticism, you also discover your strengths and weaknesses though individual attribute ratings driven by Sanford SCORE analytics. These results are unique to you and provide a scientific way to track your improvements over time.

Staying healthy and in the game are also key determinants of athletic success. Unfortunately, many athletes get injured by simply landing, cutting and pivoting incorrectly when playing their sport. To help combat this issue, we offer the Sanford SCORE PRO Movement Assessment.

This movement assessment was designed to complement the general assessment by analyzing an athlete’s movement quality and identifying improper movement patterns associated with some of the most common injuries in sports. With high-speed video cameras and biomechanics software, our trained experts will analyze the way you move in ways not visible to the naked eye.

Just like the Sanford SCORE, your SCORE Pro rating contains valuable information to help guide your training and measure your progress. Both of these assessments give you an edge on your competition and set the stage for a lifetime of safer sports activities.

Athletic Assessments

Sport-specific Sanford SCORE assessments are also available. These assessments use tests that are directly related to the athletic demands of a particular sport. Sport-specific SCORE assessments provide valuable information about an athlete’s readiness to compete.

SCORE Basketball Assessment
SCORE Football Assessment
SCORE Hockey Assessment
SCORE Soccer Assessment
SCORE Pro Movement Assessment

The Sanford SCORE Pro Movement Assessment is an evaluation of movement quality that identifies improper movement patterns that have been linked to some of the most common athletic injuries. You’ll learn how to compete safer, play longer and maintain optimal performance. The Sanford SCORE Pro Movement Assessment is available at a Sanford POWER location or on-site with a visiting Sanford SCORE team.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward achieving your goals, it’s time to learn your Sanford SCORE today. Contact us today.