Sanford Sports experts supporting athletes during COVID-19 pandemic

The team at Sanford Sports, including Sanford POWER, Sanford POWER academies and the Sanford Sports Science Institute, are offering advice and support for athletes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This includes insights from experts in strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, sports skills and sports performance. Bookmark this page to stay current, and follow the Sanford POWER channels on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook plus our YouTube playlist for the latest updates.

We encourage everyone to be safe, follow proper medical protocols – and use this as an opportunity to get prepared to return to the games that you love. At the same time, it’s important to see this as a new era for athletics.

Even as (or when) athletic programs reopen, it’s important for athletes, coaches and parents to realize that de-training will happen and to give serious thought to the road back to performance. Our team of experts in orthopedics, strength and conditioning, athletic training, physical therapy and sports science have put together a four-phase plan mean to guide people through a safe return to competition.

  • Want to learn how to reduce injuries and muscle soreness? POWER coach and athletic trainer, Al Kraft, provides tips on how to reduce injuries and muscle soreness once athletes get back into their workout routine after COVID-19 shutdown.
  • Right now, many athletes don’t have access to certified athletic trainers. So we’ve created an at-home program to help reduce common injuries and keep you ready for sport-specific training. This is intended only for those that are not part of a formal rehab program. If you are under the care of a professional, please seek their clearance prior to starting any new exercise program.
  • This is a great time for athletes to delve into injury prevention whether in middle school, high schools, college or the pros. Here’s a program our experts put together that’s intended to help reduce the risk of knee injury, while improving overall athletic performance. Check out the video or the written version.
  • There are so many things athletes can be doing to keep their minds sharp. Sanford senior sports science specialist Dan Poel has the details. Use this time to get better – just like you would try to do under normal circumstances.
  • Sanford has partnered with NeuroTracker to provide FREE online cognitive training to our athletes. (POWER and academy athletes – make sure you check your email for specifics; this is a limited-time offer.) In the meantime, Poel explain how NeuroTracker works.
We sat down with head coaches from North Dakota State, South Dakota State and the University of South Dakota – in the sports of basketball, baseball and volleyball – to discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the recruitment process. How do they “recruit” when their aren’t any games being played? How can high school athletes overcome this obstacle?