Sanford Sports experts supporting athletes during COVID-19 pandemic

The team at Sanford Sports, including Sanford POWER, Sanford POWER academies and the Sanford Sports Science Institute, are offering advice and support for athletes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This includes insights from experts in strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, sports skills and sports performance. Bookmark this page to stay current, and follow the Sanford POWER channels on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook plus our YouTube playlist for the latest updates.

We encourage everyone to be safe, follow proper medical protocols – and use this as an opportunity to get prepared to return to the games that you love.


Sanford Sports is encouraging athletes to abide by COVID-19 restrictions, while offering support in the form of ongoing education from coaches, experts and academy leaders. President Steve Young explains.

Advice to parents

Many young athletes have taken to social media to express sadness and frustration about the COVID-19 situation. Sanford Health sports performance specialist Andy Gillham explains how parents can try to help.

At-home sports nutrition

  • Athletes have an opportunity during COVID-19 to adjust their nutrition and start new habits that will help them in the long run. Sanford Sports registered dietitian Lizzie Kasparek offers examples and advice.
  • Smoothies can make a quick, healthy meal or snack, and are an especially good option when you’re trying to limit your trips to the store and need to make nutritious meals with what you have on hand in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Registered dietitian Lizzie Kasparek discusses different smoothie options in this video. Here’s a complete smoothie guide that she put together, as well.

Home workouts

How to keep your mind sharp

There are so many things athletes can be doing to keep their minds sharp during the COVID-19 situation. Sanford senior sports science specialist Dan Poel has the details. Use this time to get better – just like you would try to do under normal circumstances.

Sport-specific drills you can do at home

Sanford POWER is integrated with sport-specific skills through POWER academies. The academy coaches are working on ways to keep athletes active and engaged during the COVID-19 slowdown. We’re going to feature their efforts, too.

Running recommendations

  • Needing some fresh air? Sanford POWER Physical Therapist Josie Stockland and Certified Athletic Trainer Jenny Dalland lead you through a dynamic running warm up to get you ready before heading out the door.
  • Sanford POWER PT Josie Stockland shares insights from her personal experience preparing for the Boston Marathon and how runners can adapt to canceled or postponed races.

Sanford Sports pros share their experiences

  • How are professional athletes dealing with the COVID-19 situation? What advice do they have for younger athletes? Sanford Sports athlete, LPGA golfer and North Dakota State graduate, Amy Olson shares her experience and thoughts.
  • Even Olympic-level athletes are facing uncertainty. That includes South Dakota native, elite triathlete and Sanford Sports Science Institute intern Tony Smoragiewicz. Read about how he’s been doing research on training, and how he’s trying to continue his workouts.